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McMinutes: A Training Manual for Secretaries

McMinutes: A Training Manual for Secretaries

"McMinutes: a Training Manual for Secretaries" by Robert McConnell Productions is a complete instructional package including 2 DVD's, a Workbook with Useful Appendices and a set of useful forms for taking the Minutes of a Meeting, and a CD with the appendices that can be adapted to the organization's needs.  It also includes a copy of our popular book "Robert's Rule of Order: Simplified & Applied" written by Robert McConnell Productions.  The workbook contains step-by-step instructions on how to record the Minutes, what to include in the Minutes and how to write up the Minutes in final form for presentation to the next meeting. The two videos explain with live video the instructions in the book in a show and tell format (see samples).

The DVD McMinutes 1 (one hour 15 minutes) is instructional in content. The other DVD McMinutes 2 (one hour 20 minutes) is a play by play description of a simulated meeting showing some thing happening in the meeting and then showing how to record that event on a provide minutes taking form and then how the information on that form is put into proper meeting Minutes.

The McMinutes package as a whole is the most complete and detailed package of instruction on how to record and write the Minutes of a meeting. It shows how amendments are properly written in the minutes.  Those taking minutes also learn how subsidiary, privilege and incidental motions are expressed in the minutes.  There is section for handling bylaw amendments and the procedure to have a minutes approval committee when assemblies only meet once a year.  The appendices have forms for agendas, a check list for secretaries, sample motion forms, a sample script for presiding officers, forms for taking the minutes and other use meeting forms.  These are also included on a CD so that they can be copied and adapted for each organization.   It has been purchased by municipalities, hospitals, and other corporations that must have complete and accurate Minutes to comply with legal requirements. 

There is no other product like this on Minutes.  Those taking and writing the Minutes will get a basic understanding of the motions and how they affect the business presented.  They will learn the correct form of Minutes and what should be included in the Minutes besides just the actions taken.  They will learn correct grammar in writing Minutes and how to index Minutes.  There is practical information about agendas, sending out meeting notices and other details that secretaries need in fulling their jobs as Minutes takers of meetings.  Includes 2 Videos, Training Manual, Book Robert's Rules of Order: Simplified & Applied & Computer disk.

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The price is $249.95 plus $10 S & H = $259.95 total.