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How to Conduct a Meeting
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Parliamentary Procedure Made Simple: the Basics
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Special DVD and Book - DVD: Parliamentary Procedure Made Simple: the Basics and Book: Robert's Rules of Order: Simplified & Applied 3rd Edition 2014
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Teacher's Package

Teacher's Package

Parliamentary Procedure Made Simple: the Basics (80 min VIDEO), Robert’s Rules of Order: Simplified & Applied 2001 ed. (410 page NEW BOOK)) and Parliamentary Procedure Made Easy (110 page WORKBOOK)

Dear Parliamentary Procedure & Speech Teacher,

We have made the teaching of parliamentary procedure simple! Since there is no standard textbook on teaching parliamentary procedure, we have developed a package of a video, workbook, and a simplified version of Robert’s Rules of Order that takes the hours out of preparation time and pondering to determone what to teach to students.

Our video PARLIAMENTARY PROCEDURE MADE SIMPLE: The Basics (80 minute video) which is used by many high school competition teams and sold over 10,000 world wide, teaches how to conduct a meeting, make a main motion, debate and take the vote. It also teaches the simple forms of amending, how to kill a motion versus laying it on the table, the right way to close debate and how to refer to a committee. This video also explains how committees work, the meeting rules in committees and how to write and give a committe report. It includes information for secretaries, and presiding officers, and, finally, a complete meeting from beginning to end. What makes this video so unique, is that it has an instructional booklet with time code (to find topics easily). Each section is presented in very short two to three minute segments convenient to show in a classroom situation. Teachers who use this video to teach the complicated concepts of parliamentary procedure say that students pick it up quickly because of the video format. In fact, they find there is not much teaching they have to do. Each concept is simply and clearly explained; then it is acted out. It is presented from both a member's and presiding officer's point view. So all members have an opportunity to learn the procedures, not just a presiding officer.

The New Book ROBERT’S RULES OF ORDER: Simplified and Applied is also included in the package. This book is based on our various videos on parliamentary procedure. The chapter on motions is easy to understand because it explains the purpose of the motion and the result if adopted. No other book does this. It has practical information too about officers, committees, meeting strategies, minutes, treasurer’s reports and budgets. It is useful to both students and adults who are active in organizations. All these books & videos have been written by members of the National Association of Parliamentarians who are also Registered Parliamentarians.