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Ask Little Ben

  • Will the real past president please stand up?
  • Who should read the resignation letters to the members?
  • Who presides if the president and vice president are not present?
  • Who fills the vacancy when a chair resigns?
  • Who fills the President's position if he resigns-- the Vice President or Past President?
  • Who fills a vacancy when the bylaws are silent?
  • Who conducts the annual Condo meeting when all the board members resign before the meeting?
  • Who appoints the chairman when the chairman steps down?
  • Where is it mandated that organizations have to follow Robert's Rules of Order?
  • When the president resigns does the past president have to resign too?
  • When the President resigns does the parliamentarian automatically lose his position?
  • When the President resigns and the Vice president moves up what office is considered vacant?
  • When the board approves the minutes of the annual meeting, do the members need to approve them too?
  • When do you elect an executive committee of the board?
  • When a president works behind the scenes can members remove him?
  • When a person newly elected resigns, what is the procedure.
  • When a person finishes filling a vacancy in a higher office does he return to his previous position?
  • What to do when members want to switch offices?
  • What should we do if a Vice President is appointed at a meeting when there is no quorum?
  • What should be done with missing minutes?
  • What should be done when no one wants to chair the committee?
  • What order do you call on members to vote?
  • What is the term of an ex-officio appointee to board or committee member?
  • What is the procedure for nominations?
  • What is the procedure for deleting a bylaw?
  • What is the correct procedure in replacing the president when he resigns?
  • What is considered filling a half a term?
  • what is consider unethical behavior in a board member?
  • What is a member's recourse to a secret meeting and new officer's elected?
  • What if someone wants to be president now instead of president elect?
  • What if documents are not filed with commissions? Are the officers elected still valid?
  • What happens with both the president and vice president resign?
  • What happens when we can't fill the positions of President and Vice President?
  • What happens when the secretary resigns and no one wants to take the minutes?
  • What happens when a chairman resigns and there is no vice chairman to take his place?
  • What happens to business made at an annual meeting whose date was contrary to the bylaws?
  • What happens if there is a tie vote for president?
  • What happens if no wants to serve a president?
  • What does it mean when an inactive member is taken off the rolls?
  • What do you when the president won't appoint board members so that there is a quorum?
  • What do you when nobody will run for president?
  • What do you do when you have no one qualified to serve in a position?
  • What do you do when the Vice President refuses to fill the vacancy of the president?
  • What do you do when the secretary resigns?
  • What do you do when the president oversteps his duties?
  • What do you do when the newly elect president resigns before he is sworn in?
  • What do you do when the last board member does not want to fill vacancies on the board?
  • What do you do when president resigns two days after the election and VP does not want the position?
  • What do you do when no one wants to run for office?
  • What do you do when a president presides to avoid disciplinary penalties
  • What do you do when a mother and daughter want to run the club?
  • What do you do when a majority of the board members resign and you do not have quorum.
  • What do you do if no one wants to be vice president?
  • what do theses bylaws actually mean?
  • What can you do if a member is not paying his fees?
  • What are the duties of committee chair?
  • Was a mistake made in the presentation of the minutes?
  • Should a board member resign when he is appointed parliamentarian?
  • Is there a way to make legal the expenditure of a small sum by the president?
  • Is there a rule that states that the minutes have to be read first?
  • Is there a conflict when the parliamentary is also the Bylaw Committee chairman?
  • Is the secretary still the secretary and can she vote for filling the vacancy of the president?
  • Is someone trying to remove a board person without the proper procedure?
  • Is it legal to ask certain people to leave when the board goes into executive session?
  • Is a vote valid if the bylaws have not been followed?
  • If you do not have a quorum can you set the date for another meeting to collect more votes to adopt a bylaw amendment?
  • If the VP fills the vacancy of the President is he eligible to run for the Presidency?
  • If the president's resignation has not been vote on is he still president?
  • If the chairman resigns his position as chair does he still remain on the committee?
  • If the chairman of the board resigns who takes his place?
  • If bylaws state that the president is chief executive officer, does that mean she has the final say on everything?
  • If all board members resign what can we do ?
  • If a chairman resigns his position on the board can he stay on as a board member?
  • How to replace the president?
  • How many years in a row can a president control the board?
  • How long does the past president serve on a board of directors?
  • How long do we save the ballots of an election?
  • How is a deadlock handled?
  • How do you replace incorrect minutes with the correct ones?
  • How do you remove a board member office?
  • How do you refuse an resignation?
  • How do you list the past chair on our web site?
  • How do you handle the Vice President resigning?
  • How do you handle proxies that take way rights?
  • How do you handle black mail?
  • How do you handle a disruptive Past President?
  • How do you get the chairman to carry through on a roll call vote?
  • How do you get someone to resign from the board?
  • How do you get rid of board member who is working against the organization?
  • How do you get people to serve on the board?
  • How do you fill vacancies on a committee?
  • How do you fill a vacancy on the board?
  • How do you dismiss a committee?
  • How do you correct the minutes?
  • How do you call a meeting when there are no bylaws or chairman?
  • How do you approve the minutes when there a new board members?
  • How do you amend the bylaws to delete a position?
  • How do we vote on money on an adopted motion from a previous meeting?
  • How do we stop an e-mail ballot?
  • How do we remove someone from the Board of Trustees who hasn't attended meetings in two year?
  • How do we get rid of antique bylaws and get new up to date ones?
  • How do we get board members to follow the rules?
  • How do we dismiss an officer appointed by the president?
  • How do we allow a Treasurer elect to stay in that position when it is time to be Treasurer?
  • How can you remove a president for extortion?
  • How can we remove someone who has taken possession of the office of president?
  • How are the minutes approved?
  • Does the Vice Chairman have power to over rule a board member?
  • Does the president need to take the no vote?
  • Does the Executive Board have to approve the filling of the vacancy for Treasurer?
  • Does the Assistant Treasure have to become Treasurer?
  • Does a Treasurer or Secretary fill the vacant positions of President and Vice President?
  • Does a quorum change when board members resign?
  • Does a person nominated for president have to resign his position on the board?
  • Does a past president have voting privileges?
  • Does a committee member have to resign his position to be nominated for an office?
  • Do you have to have a trial to remove a board member?
  • Do you have an election to fill a vacancy on the board?
  • Do we have to replace a director if he resigns?
  • Can you remove all the officers at one time?
  • Can you force a president to resign from office?
  • Can we elect a new board chairman before the new board members are seated?
  • Can two committee members meet private and discuss committee business?
  • Can the vice president when conducting a meeting make motions and vote?
  • Can the treasure run for president?
  • Can the secretary cast the ballot for the slate of officers
  • Can the secretary and the treasurer be the same person?
  • Can the secretary also serve as the treasurer?
  • Can the president set meeting dates without a committee vote?
  • Can the President be also chairman of the board?
  • Can the parliamentarian vote?
  • Can the parliamentarian vote if sitting in the assembly?
  • Can the motion to adjourn the meeting be made while business is pending?
  • Can the founder of an organization who is a board member bypass the bylaws and make decisions on his own?
  • Can the chairman participate in making motions, discussion in voting when he has a personal interest in the matter?
  • Can the board vacancies filled by the board remain without having them elected by the members the next annual meeting?
  • Can someone hold two elected offices at the same time?
  • Can so
  • Can school board member speak during the citizen's comment section?
  • Can other business at a meeting be discussed that is not on the agenda?
  • Can objection to consideration of the motion be applied in a committee?
  • Can members of a board or commission vote if they haven't been sworn in?
  • Can members attend board meetings?
  • Can HOA residents form their own AD HOC Committee?
  • Can board members who are unhappy with the outcome of the vote call an annual meeting and remove the other board members?
  • Can an officer to avoid being removed from office?
  • Can an ex president of an executive board run for office again?
  • Can an elected officcer attend his first meeting before being sworn in?
  • Can an association charge homeowners an assessment if they don't run for the board?
  • Can an adopted budget be changed without a vote?
  • Can a vote by written mail be rescinded at a later meeting?
  • Can a vacancy for an officer be filled at the same meeting he resigns?
  • can a trustee serve on a committee?
  • Can a trustee resign his position so that he can run again in the next election?
  • Can a social secretary suspend a member and over rule the vice chairman?
  • Can a resigning president become the immediate past president?
  • can a resignation be accepted before the time stated in the resignation?
  • Can a resident in an HOA tell the other residents not to elect the current board members?
  • Can a president withdraw his resignation?
  • Can a president resign from office?
  • Can a president remove an officer for rigging an election?
  • Can a president refuse to fill a vacancy?
  • Can a president overturn what a board has adopted?
  • Can a president override the decision of the assembly?
  • Can a president be paid as a committee member?
  • Can a president be also the parliamentarian?
  • Can a president appoint a special committee?
  • Can a person resign from office and still stay on the board?
  • can a person keep making the same motion over and over even if it is defeated?
  • Can a past president resign?
  • can a parliamentarian be chairman of the bylaw committee?
  • Can a motion conflict with the bylaws?
  • Can a mistake in a motion that was adopted be corrected by the chair without a vote?
  • Can a member who blackmails the president have his voting rights revoked?
  • Can a member stand for president and the committee at the same time?
  • Can a member hold two offices at a time?
  • Can a committee to investigate propose a change to the original motion adopted?
  • Can a committee member vote within the committee?
  • Can a chairman reverse the action of the assembly and do whatever he wants?
  • Can a chairman of a committee hire his wife to a paid position in the charity?
  • Can a chair of a committee change a scheduled meeting day after the meeting has adjourned?
  • Can a candidate that is elected and then resigns transfer his votes to another one?
  • Can a board refuse to carry out what an assembly has voted for them to do?
  • Can a board reconsider at motion at the next meeting?
  • Can a board member vote when the motion is to remove him from office?
  • Can a board member vote on his own resignation?
  • Can a board member apply for a staff position?
  • Can a board introduce a motion to be voted on?
  • Can a board have a planning meeting with out the members of the organization in attendance?
  • Can a board have a chairman pro tem instead of a vice chairman?
  • bylaws or bylaws
  • Are email votes valid?
  • Are bylaws to be recorded at the country clerk office?
  • Are board meetings held in executive session?
  • After giving previous notice for a number of bylaws, can the submitting person on present a few of these bylaws?
  • absentee votes in meetings
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